3rvs.com Turns Twenty

Written by Michael Heyes - April 2016

This year is the 20 year anniversary of the Three Rivers Velo Sport website. And for all but a 2-year hiatus I’ve been the webmaster for all of them.

I remember making the announcement at the monthly bike meeting at the former YWCA on Wells Street. No one seemed that excited about it. After all, why do we need a website? How many bike clubs have websites? Good question. At the time, our website was only the third bike website in Indiana. The IBC had a website, created and maintained by Father Kern Trembath at University of Notre Dame. I think the Bloomington Bike Club had one also, and maybe CIBA though I’m not sure about them.

The website has changed a lot over these twenty years. The Forum was added so members could find late breaking information, plan impromptu rides, whatever. Then came Facebook, which superseded the Forum. But the Forum is still available. And we used to have polls on the website and animated gifs. Oh those wacky Ninties.

The web address for the first two years was the unwieldy htttp://www.cris.com/~mheyes/3rvs/3rvs.shtml ( I inserted the extra 't' in http because the link doesn't exist ). Nasty, but it was because I hosted the site on my personal internet account. After two years, I asked the club to pick up the cost of the site and give it a proper domain name, 3rvs.com. And so, in January 1998 3rvs.com became our new domain and web address.

In 1999, the website looked like this https://web.archive.org/…/199904200312…/http://www.3rvs.com/.

In 2008 it looked like this:

And five years later it looked like this:

I am always looking for cycling stories, so if you’d like to write something about a new favorite ride you’ve done, your bike, latest compter, shoes… whatever, please send your story to me at webmaster@3rvs.com. If you have a few pictures that go with the story, even better. The club’s website gets better and better with your contributions.

Looking forward to 2036...