Touring - August 2018

Written by Steve Pequinot

August will likely be our last hot month of the cycling season; I encourage you to get out and enjoy it. On Sunday, August 19, the club’s official tour is the Jammin Tour in Roanoke. The Tour is expanding this year with distance options of 26, 52, 74 and 100 miles. To accommodate the distance options and to allow all riders time to enjoy the post-ride activities there will be staggered start times. Those riding 100 miles will start at 8:00 AM. At 9:00 AM the 50 and 75 mile groups start, and the 25 mile riders will start at 10:00 AM. This is not a race; however, timing chips will be used if you wish to see how your time stacks up against other riders in the tour. There will be SAG stops along the way. The tour starts and ends at the Joseph Decuis Farmstead Inn, 6756 E. 900 South, Columbia City, Indiana 46725. Online registration is available at This is a fee based tour with proceeds benefiting Out of a Jam, a non-profit group assisting women working toward a better future. Jammin is offering a discount to 3RVS members, so be sure to take your membership card with you. A photo of it on your phone is also valid.

Ice Cream Ride

We are planning a special Friday night ice cream ride. August 17, we will meet in the west parking lot on Park Drive at Swinney Park. Be ready to ride at 7:30 PM. Make sure you have a headlight and tail light on your bike. Pamela and Tim Fennell along with Randy Rosewicz will lead the group along the River Greenway to Tillman Park at a greenway pace. At Tillman Park club members can enjoy some social time along with ice cream treats provided by the club. It will likely be dark when the group is ready to return to Swinney Park so you can enjoy the streaming and blinking lights from the peloton on your way back. The total distance of the ride is approximately 12.5 miles. Our last ice cream night ride was two years ago; your attendance at this ride will let us know if this is something the club should continue in the future.

September Touring Challenge

As we all know the National Bike Challenge was a bust for our club this season; the good news is we still have a cycling challenge for club members. We are pleased to continue our September Touring Challenge for a fifth season. The September Touring Challenge begins September 1 and rides through the 30 days of the month.

How many kilometers can you ride in September? Awards will be presented at our annual End of Season Party to club members who join this club challenge and log their cycling distance on Strava. Awards will be presented to 3RVS members who bicycle 500, 750, 1000, or 1610 kilometers during September 2018. Your distance for any bicycling event, either a club tour, race, off road, or riding by yourself will be accepted as long as the ride is uploaded to Strava via a smart phone Strava app, Garmin device, or compatible equipment. Stationary trainer miles are not acceptable for this challenge. No manual entries will be accepted unless your recording device fails during your ride, in which case you may enter your lost miles as a manual entry along with the portion of the ride that was recorded offering an explanation for the lost distance in the description box. Your Strava account must be opened to accept 3RVS members to follow you without asking for a request. To join the 3RVS September Touring Challenge, go to and sign up. This is now a closed group for members only. After you apply to join your membership will be verified, then your place on the roster will be approved. If you were a 3RVS member last year and joined the 3RVS September Touring Challenge you are likely already signed up for this year’s challenge provided you are still a 3RVS member. If you are unsure if you are signed up go to your Strava Profile, look under Clubs for the Three Rivers Velo Sport September Touring Challenge logo. If it is on your Profile you are registered. Non-3RVS members may not participate in this challenge and will be removed from the group page on September 1, 2018. Non-members may join 3RVS then sign up for the challenge. Only kilometers ridden after joining 3RVS will be counted in the challenge. In addition to the awards mentioned above, podium awards will be presented to the top 3 female and male finishers. Once the challenge begins daily kilometer updates will be posted at:

To help you kick off the September Touring Challenge we will once again be hosting a three-century, Labor Day Weekend Stage Tour. That’s 300 miles in three days. It all begins September 1. We will have complete details on our website and in the September issue of Quick Release.

Thank you all for being a positive part of our touring season and elevating cycling in our community.

I look forward to seeing you on the road.