Touring - October 2017

Written by Steve Pequinot

Rolling into October we are looking forward to The Presidents’ Tour on Saturday the 28th at 11:00 AM., President Patrick Stelte will lead the group on one of the eleven route options from Homestead High School. We are inviting all of the known past 3RVS presidents to join us that day. Even if they can’t ride we would like to introduce the people who led our club in the past. Without their dedication 3RVS would not exist today. Here is a list of the past presidents that we can verify and plan to invite to the tour: Chuck South, 1981; Dan Arnold, 1983; Bonnie Arnold, 1984; Chuck Bash, 1985-86; Kevin Truelove, 1987; Kath Stakowski, 1988; Kathy Boling, 1990-91; Rob Norwalk, 1992; Don Wagoner, 1993; Mike Heyes, 1995-96; Steve Souers 1997 & 2002; Anne Stratton-Ellis, 1998-99; Karen Walker, 2000-01; Ed Messer, 2003-05; Dave Lehman, 2006-09; Patrick Stelte, 2010-17.

By the time you read this article the 2017 National Bike Challenge will be just about over. As of this writing (9-25-17), Team 3RVS is in fourth place about 10,000 points ahead of Fox Cities Cycling. Team 3RVS currently has 442,821 points. The final stats will be posted on the website on October 1. I would like to thank the 134 members of Team 3RVS for all of the hours and miles that each member put into this year’s challenge. For the third consecutive year you have exceeded expectation and brought national attention to the club. Congratulations on many miles well traveled. Individuals honors worth mentioning at press time: the top three ladies in the state of Indiana are all members of Team 3RVS. In first place Kathy Boling has 7,497 points, second place is Susan Zuber with 6,718 points and Denise Snyder is in third place with 6,661 points. Touring Director Steve Pequignot is only 251 points from first place in the state of Indiana and sits in tenth place nationally with 12,827 points.

The fourth annual 3RVS September Touring Challenge powered by Strava got off to a fast start this year as the club held it first-ever three-stage century tour over Labor Day weekend. One hundred riders participated in the 3-day tour. Eleven club members completed all three century stages. Congratulations to Mona Will, Ted McComb, Susan Zuber, Tom Yoder, Ed Lines, Shane Powell, Rex Connelly, Mark Geiger, John Rodino, Patrick Stelte and Steve Pequignot for riding all 308 miles of the tour.

We are now in the final few days of the September Touring Challenge and the race for podium places are close. In the Ladies Division Susan Zuber has 1,522 kilometers; Denise Snyder 1,083 kilometers; Krista Stockman 1,003 kilometers. In the Men’s Division Shane Powell has 2,126 kilometers; John Rodino 1,882 kilometers and Patrick Stelte has 1,637 kilometers. Steve Pequignot is the overall leader with 3,555 kilometers.

We have enjoyed tremendous growth in the September Touring Challenge this year as we have 99 members participating compared to 50 members last season.

Awards will be presented at our End-of-Year Party to members who achieve 500, 750, 1,000, or 1,610 kilometers. At press time 99 riders have logged over 61,000 kilometers. Podium awards will be presented at the End of Year Party to the top three women and top three men in the club. Daily updates for the September Touring Challenge are online at

I wish to thank President Patrick Stelte along with volunteers Susan Hunt and Jade Armstrong for the enjoyable day at this year’s Jersey Ride. The weather was perfect; the cookout after the ride was delicious and it was such a good time being surrounded by cycling chatter. Patrick had a good idea hosting the ride in September before the bees arrived. Well done everyone.

Please note the October weekend tours will start at 11:00 AM.