Touring - November 2017

Written by Steve Pequinot

Our 49th touring season ended October 29. As usual the fun times go by fast and so did our 7-month outdoor riding season. We enjoyed 56 holiday and weekend tours. Four other weekend tours were rained out, two fewer than last year. Club members also enjoyed some great weeknight rides at various locations around town.

There were usually 15 to 20 riders at the Leo Ride Monday evenings. Many of the riders attending this ride are experienced time trial and CX racers from Fort Wayne Outfitters. Being aerobar friendly, these rides gave TT racers an opportunity to ride with others in the same discipline. On the opposite side of town on Monday evenings members enjoyed the hills around Roanoke at the Spokesman Rides. The Tuesday Kreager Rides always had a big turnout usually riding to Woodburn. The Wednesday Saturn Ride was the fastest weeknight ride in the state this year. Patrick led the upfront boys on many brisk 26-mile rides that routinely averaged 23/24 MPH. Thursday evenings the Skills group worked on group riding and drafting techniques. As skills improved the group found it easier to average 21/22 MPH on the 32 to 43 mile routes. Also on Thursday evenings Brenda led the girls over the hills surrounding Roanoke. You still have the monthly City Tour that continues through winter. Amy and Jennifer lead the group every first Friday starting at Lawton Park. After a cool evening ride Amy and Jennifer will find you something warm to drink post ride.

The National Bike Challenge changed its format this year by discontinuing the team size divisions and pooling all teams in the category. As you may recall Team 3RVS won the National Championship in the Extra Large team division the past two years. This year our 134-member team was pooled with some teams twice our size. All considered we finished a respectable 4th place in the nation. Over the 5-month challenge Team 3RVS amassed 460,445 points. Team 3RVS was by far the top team in the state with a 244,400 point lead over the second place team Indycog. Other notable efforts, Team 3RVS had five ladies finish in the top ten in the state: Jennifer Altherr, 7th; Chris Smith, 6th; Denise Snyder, 3rd; Susan Zuber, 2nd; and Kathy Boling won the Indiana State Championship with 7,780 points. The 3RVS men did almost as well placing four in the state’s top ten: Shane Powell, 10th; Jeff Kenny, 6th; John Rodino, 5th; and Steve Pequignot won the Indiana State Championship for the third consecutive year with 13,605 points. Thank you to the 134 club members who made 3RVS shine during the National Bike Challenge. It was a team effort that we can all be proud of. Note: final results are shown at the end of this article - webmaster.

The club’s fourth September Touring Challenge was an overwhelming success. This year 109 members joined the challenge, more than doubling last year’s 51 members. Over the 30-day challenge, club members rode 71,420 kilometers compared with 52,067 kilometers last season. Twenty members rode 500 kilometers; 9 members rode 750 kilometers; 16 members rode 1,000 kilometers; and 12 members rode 1,610 kilometers (1,000 miles). These riders will receive awards at the December End of Year Party. Additionally, podium awards will be presented to Ladies Division winners: Susan Zuber, 1,775 km.; Krista Stockman, 1,130 km.; Denise Snyder, 1,103 km. Men’s Division winners are Shane Powell, 2,716 km.; Mark Linn, 2,163 km.; John Rodino, 2,023. The overall leader of the challenge was Steve Pequignot with 4,500 km. Detailed stats are online at this link.

I wish to thank our touring ride leaders Dan Grotrian, Denny Zech, Andy Grote, Doug Wintin, Deb Watts, Rick Pegg, Patrick Stelte, Brenda Wiley, Amy Copeland, Jennifer Altherr, Johnny Grabowski, Mona Will, Tom Yoder, Phil Snider and Steve Souers for keeping our tours exciting and memorable for our members. Without the ride leaders’ dedication we would not have enjoyed the success we experienced this season.

Off-season Show & Go Rides are coming. We are fortunate to have Steve Souers returning as the Show & Go Ride Leader again during the off-season. Look for Steve’s schedule and more details in the newsletter and the website. Steve’s Show & Go rides will be starting in November.

There are so many members to thank at the conclusion of a successful touring season. It takes many volunteers to make things work well. One member in particular that I wish to recognize is our president, Patrick Stelte. Patrick has been club president longer than any of his predecessors. He is active in every aspect of the club, ensuring every detail is addressed. The club has grown in many ways as a result of Patrick’s dedication to 3RVS. Cycling is a wonderful sport. When I look at the photos that Luis takes during our rides, I see smiles of joy on many faces as members are riding, enjoying something we all have in common – the quest for freedom on a bike. These smiles are a direct result of Patrick’s hard work and dedication to bring us all together doing something we enjoy - riding together. Well done Patrick! Thank you for another great season.

I look forward to seeing each of you on the road next season. o7o

2017 National Bike Challenge Final Results

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nbc ind f top 10 final 2017 nbc nat final 2017 indiv top 10