Touring - June 2018

Written by Steve Pequinot

At a recent Thursday evening Kreager A Ride we had a group of 15 riders. Most of the group comprised of what we classify as A riders, being able to maintain a pace of 20 MPH or more. There were also several in the group who likely would not consider themselves an A group rider. Ride Leader Scott Tomsits setup the ride format for the evening to be an A group, L3 pace, which is 85% of one’s lactic threshold pace to build endurance. Scott figured that pace may draw more interest from riders on a Thursday evening so they would have fresh legs for the weekend. As the ride proceeded the pace stayed about 22 MPH in both directions during the ride. In a group format this is a comfortable pace for an A group rider. Since we had several B group riders who would likely be riding at the upper end of their threshold at times, I was more interested in seeing how they were doing especially on the way back as the miles added up. At the turn from Parent Road onto North River Run Road with about 5 miles to go I looked back and everyone was still together in a long single line. When we pulled into Kreager Park at the finish I was delighted that everyone was still together and we finished the 40 mile ride with an average of 21.2 MPH, just about what the ride leader predicted before the ride and at a pace that some riders did not believe they could achieve in a group.

What made me take note of this ride was the fact that nine of the 15 riders in the group were either new to the club this year, or started within the past 4 years at or below a C group pace. It is rewarding for me to see new riders join our club, regardless of their level, ask questions, work at improving themselves and experience the thrill of a fast pace group ride.

Our club is diverse and not everyone is looking to ride more aero in a draft or increase their speed. Our most popular weeknight ride is the Kreager Park Ride. Deb Watts and Susan Zuber are the ride leaders. Deb and Susan have a large following every Tuesday as they leave the park and ride out to Woodburn. They usually make a stop at one of the convenience stores, take in the sights, converse along the road and generate a lot of cycling camaraderie. Many of the riders in this group meet for Taco Tuesday, a post-ride celebration at a nearby pub. The Kreager group meets up with a few riders from the Skills Tour to discuss all sorts of cycling topics. It’s a perfect way to cap off an evening with cycling friends.

There is something magnetic about being on a friendly ride with fellow club members. Before you know it we are all cycling friends. That is the ultimate group tour.

June brings us the beginning of summer. Daylight is at a premium. We now have two rides daily Monday through Thursday with various paces options. I hope you have the opportunity to attend some of these tours. They offer a common objective we all share; plus they are good for the body, mind and soul.

Please note: All June weekend tour begin at 10:00 AM.