If the weather is below 30 degrees, with wind chill factored in, then the ride is canceled. I will use weather.com for determining the rides and will post the morning of the ride around 730A if it's being canceled. If there is no post then the ride is on.

Most rides will be in the 8-12 mile range. Weather permitting I may offer some extra mileage option for those that aren't ready for the fun to end.


Winter Woolies December Schedule

12/1 - Foster Park 1015A roll out. Arrive no later than 1010A with all tires inflated, cash or cc in your pocket. Put the last layer of clothing on and we will roll out promptly at 1015A. Cold weather isn't kind to people standing around waiting for other people to get ready. Park in the area of the tennis courts.

12/15 - Same as above.


Any questions? Contact Mona via the club's FB page or email mvwillartist@yahoo.com