Mark Your Calendar with 3RVS Rides

Written by Patrick Stelte - May 2019

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May is Bike Month and marks the pseudo start to riding season. Many of you have already eased into an outdoor routine of favorite weekly rides and weekend touring. Twenty years ago, 3RVS had May Madness to kick start club members and area cyclists to join in the group fun. Today, with social media, the Internet and a profusion of non-profit source funding events, cyclists have a full plate to choose how to spend their disposable income.

Occasionally, I will talk to a new rider about the benefits of being a club member. Twenty dollars a year seems like a paltry sum, but an argument is made from an outside prospective that almost all of our rides are for free. However, the devil is in the details. Without the dues of 3RVS club members, we cannot purchase the necessary liability insurance for organized rides. Thus, all the organized free rides would go away. I am sure there would still be Facebook chatter brought to you by a dedicated administrator of a local riding page with recent posts of meet ups. Any kind of planned calendar would be promises and “might be(s)” with floating possibilities over the very near future tied to the most recent posts. Having a structure around paying dues also establishes an intent that entices volunteers to dedicate time and effort for the greater good. Try starting a church without passing around the plate. Anyone can take out a bible, read, contemplate and pray. Do it with others and it’s called a congregation. What feels better, praying alone or with the like-minded? Same goes for cycling. Being a part of something organized, popular and venerated adds to a sense of community. And one more thing, memory is served better when distinguishing a great ride to an organized calendar. With this in mind, the 2019 Three Rivers Velo Sport event ride calendar is here to enliven your summer of fun.

This month, 3RVS is a co-sponsor to CycloFemme on Mother’s Day and the Ride of Silence on May 15th. Both are in conjunction with the efforts of Jade Kelsey with Bicycle Friendly Fort Wayne and are free with strong encouragement for all riders. June is packed starting with the Fort 4 Fitness Spring Cyclefest on the first. The next weekend, the club’s first destination ride of the season will take participants to Michigan. The Air Show Ride is also on the weekend of the 8th and 9th. The Summer Solstice Ice Cream Ride is schedule for the 21st to celebrate the longest day of the year. July brings the 48th Annual Festival Tour on the 14th. This is the perennial funding ride for the club that introduces many area cyclists to 3RVS. My first contact with the club was through the Festival Tour. The traditional Labor Day Ride has turned into a weekend Triple Century Challenge that offers recognition for the hardy souls who accomplish the ultimate feat during the holiday weekend. Again, a free ride offered by 3RVS. September will bring the 9th Annual Jersey Appreciation Ride for all club members. I will be in Roanoke cooking for you as a way of saying thanks for being a part of the family. December is Phil Snider’s Christmas Lights Ride, a tradition that is a must for the curious explorers.

All these rides are born from dedication to a sense of fraternity. Organized, counted upon, enjoyed by all. Three Rivers Velo Sport wouldn’t have lasted a half-century without such commitment. Come on out this year and share in the fun on one or more of these rides. I look forward to Lu capturing your smiles.