President's Message

Written by Johnny Grabowski - November 2021


Exciting News & Opportunities for 3RVS and our Members!

With fall colors (finally) brushed across the landscape, a chill in the air, and everyone preparing to turn their clocks back an hour, another cycling season is winding down. Some of you are putting on more layers and taking advantage of rideable weather, while others are ramping up their activities on indoor trainers and Zwift. Behind the scenes at 3RVS, there are some very exciting developments and opportunities.

3RVS Approved as a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization

Thanks to the excellent and persistent work of 3RVS Treasurer Amy Copeland, Three Rivers Velo Sport is now officially classified as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. This designation will offer 3RVS vastly increased opportunities for donations and sponsorships to support our ongoing mission of promoting cycling in our community, and the 3RVS Board of Directors will be looking into all the different ways the club can promote and benefit from this status.

 Upcoming 3RVS Elections

As for the 3RVS Board; elections are right around the corner, and that always means opportunity for 3RVS members who want to get involved and help shape the future of the club. Board meetings, held from 6:30-9pm on the first Thursday of every month at the downtown library, are always open to everyone. We encourage anyone to participate in meetings and get involved, but as a volunteer-run organization, 3RVS relies on our members to fully staff our board. Curious about possible opportunities or how the different board positions contribute to 3RVS and our mission? Contact any 3RVS board member to learn more.

 3RVS Awards Banquet

The 3RVS Board are beginning to plan the 3RVS Awards Banquet, so please save the date of March 27, 2022 and watch your emails for more information. We look forward to hosting an event for 3RVS members that brings us together and recognizes accomplishments.