President's Message

Written by Johnny Grabowski - February 2021


Recently, Facebook brought a memory up for me from a post I did several years ago. At the time, I was about to ride in my first-ever Hotter’N Hell Hundred - riding alongside over 13,000 cyclists in the plains of Northern Texas in Northern Texas. At the time, I was told how lucky I was that temperatures that year (which topped out in the high 90s) were “mild.” Memories of that ride, like starting with so many cyclists that I waited for more than 20 minutes to start as large groups of riders were released 1 city block at a time, or temperatures so hot that SAG stops included large above-ground watering troughs filled with ice water, couldn’t have seemed farther away from my current reality or state of mind. While it seems to be all the rage to bash 2020, I truly believe that there were equally as memorable moments to be had from the many ways that last year was unique.

2021 will be unique, too:

 Since we are unable to have our Annual Awards Banquet in January, we’ll be planning to do the event differently in early Spring.

 We’ll be rolling out a 3RVS website re-design and (hopefully) a new brand identity with an updated logo and new 3RVS cy-cling apparel.

 This year’s 50th Festival Tour will include not only one, but three days of events.

 3RVS will expand its support of all kinds of cycling by partnering with Trek the Trails.

 These are just some of the changes coming this year.

While I’m excited about progress, 2021 will bring back plenty of well-loved activities and familiar faces as well - with what will hopefully be a full season of familiar 3RVS fun.

You’re going to want to be a member of 3RVS in 2021, so please renew your 3RVS membership if you haven’t already! Doing so will keep your monthly newsletters and other emails coming, and will keep you eligible for fun 3RVS members-only events all year long. Rather than waiting to renew at the Awards Banquet, simply go to and click on “Membership” to conveniently register online.

Best wishes for a fantastic new year - I look forward to riding with you again soon!