Time: Wednesday nights at 6:00pm

Location: Saturn Church
6731 East 800 South, Columbia City, IN - Map link
(About 1 mile west of Aboite Center and County Line)


Both routes are about 25 miles each. The Roanoke loop has some gently rolling hills while the Columbia City loop contains rolling hills and “13 curves”. Each week the group will choose a route based on wind, mood and where we went last week.


Riders at the front ride at a pace of 17 - 20+ mph. 


The ride will leave at 6:00pm to allow us to finish the loop before dusk. This means you need to have your bike ready before you leave for work on Wednesday morning and plan on being in the parking lot ready to ride at 6:00pm. Stay in the parking lot until the ride starts. Do not line up in the roadway as the start location is just over a small hill and you may get hit.

If you find you are running late because of traffic or some other reason proceed to the Washington School just 3 miles west at the corner of 800S and 400W and join the group as we ride by. This allows the group to start on time for safety reasons and lets you hook up with the group. 

Saturn Church has been kind enough to host this starting location for a number of years. This means we need to be courteous guests. Do not leave any trash in the parking lot and if you see that some other cycling slob has left something please pick it up. If you need a potty break before the ride do not relieve yourself at the church, ride up the road a mile or two. Also keep in mind that we ride the same routes each week so be careful about flipping cars off and yelling at dog owners we will be seeing all summer.