touring groupWeekend tours will be held every weekend starting around April. Start locations rotate from tour to tour. Start-times are adjusted monthly during the season as weather conditions change. Check the posted monthly schedule for each tour’s start location and time.

Multiple distance options are available on each weekend tour. Route maps are provided at the start of each weekend tour and are also available on this website. Distance options increase as the season progresses. Pace of the tours also increase as the season progresses. It is usual to have a lead group split during a tour.

This season we plan to have up to five pace groups for the weekend tours. Groups A, B, C, and D. The A group’s pace will be 20+ mph, B group 18/19 mph, C group 16/17 mph, and D group 14/15 mph.

Most of the rides have some place to stop along the way to refill water bottles, grab a snack, or whatever. Bring a couple of bucks with you if you plan to stop. But most of the time we don't stop.

One day each month that is designated as a "Welcome Ride". These rides are supposed to average 15 - 16 mph, usually for the shorter distance. Occasionally these rides will have a ride leader to stay with this group throughout this ride.

Check out the Daily Rides and Weekend Ride schedules in the Schedules menu. Everyone is welcome to come out and join any of the rides, which are free of charge.

Throughout the Fall - Winter, our Show 'n Go Rides are the place to be at this time of the year! They last 2 - 3 hours, 40 - 50 miles. Check the our Facebook page for the latest information.