Touring - November 2018

Written by Steve Pequinot

Our 50th touring season ended October 28. It seemed like a fast paced 7-month outdoor touring season. We held 53 holiday and weekend tours. A record high 7 weekend tours were rained out. Club members also enjoyed some great weekday rides at various locations around town.

Mona Will got the weekday tours going with the women only Meandering and Muse Rides at various start locations Monday mornings. As the season progressed and interests grew Angie Quinn and Kathi Heyes extended the morning season by leading rides through September. Monday evenings members enjoyed the hills around Roanoke at the Spokesman Rides led by Doug Wintin. Doug kept the rides interesting by adjusting the pace based on the group in attendance.

The Tuesday Kreager Rides boasted the biggest turnouts for evening rides again this season. Deb Watts and Susan Zuber led the group of usually twenty or more riders to Woodburn and looping back to the park. Also on Tuesday evenings Steve Pequignot led the Skills Tour from Jefferson Middle School to Antwerp on routes up to 45 miles working on group touring and drafting techniques. As skills and stamina improved the group found it easier to average 21 to 22 MPH as the season progressed. It was common for both groups to meet for team building, tacos and something cold to drink post-ride at Dicky’s. It was a wonderful way to spend Tuesday evenings with cycling friends.

The Wednesday Saturn Ride was once again led by club president Patrick Stelte. Patrick kept the group in shape by keeping the pace high during the 26-mile rides. The Saturn group routinely averaged 23/24 MPH and also promised a spirited sprint to the finish. The Rogue Rides also met on Wednesdays either at Carroll High School or Tillman Park. Mona Will led the C paced group on adventures usually about 25 to 30 miles. Mona was good at finding fun stops for the group to recover and hydrate each ride.

Thursday evenings Brenda Wiley and Sara Landrum led the girls over the hills surrounding Roanoke on the Girls Ride Out which started at Roanoke Park. The Girls rode about 20 to 25 miles at a 15/16 MPH pace. On the east side of town Shane Powell and Charlie Copeland led the Kreager A Ride on an aerobar friendly fast pace ride to Antwerp and back. The group was usually small, 8 to 10 riders. Shane and Charlie kept the pace high after the warm-up so it was common for the group to form a long single paceline trying to hang on to the slipstream only catching a break at one of the four stop signs and at the rolling turnaround at Antwerp. The 24-mile L4 training portion usually averaged 23/25 MPH and the overall average for 40 miles was usually 22/24 MPH.

Even though the regular season is over you can still ride with the monthly City Tour group which continues year around. Amy Copeland and Jennifer Altherr lead the group every first Friday of the month starting at Lawton Park at 6:30 PM. After a cool evening ride Amy and Jennifer will find you something warm to eat and drink post ride at one of the downtown hot spots.

The club’s fifth September Touring Challenge was a hit again this year.

This season 92 members joined the challenge, 17 fewer than last year. Over the 30-day challenge, club members rode 68,032 kilometers compared with 71,420 kilometers last season. Fifteen members rode 500 kilometers; 9 members rode 750 kilometers; 14 members rode 1,000 kilometers; and 12 members rode 1,610 kilometers (1,000 miles). Those riders will receive awards at the End of Season Party in January. Additionally, podium awards will be presented to Ladies Division: First place Kymberly Byers, 2,782 km; Second place Denise Snyder, 2,295 km; Third place Susan Zuber, 1,452 km. Men’s Division winners: First place Mark Linn, 3,326 km; Second place Jim Snyder, 2,295 km; Third Place Marty Smolinski, 2,013 km. Detailed statistics are online at:

I wish to thank our touring ride leaders Doug Wintin, Mona Will, Angie Quinn, Kathi Heyes, Deb Watts, Susan Zuber, Scott Tomsits, Patrick Stelte, Brenda Wiley, Sara Landrum, Shane Powell, Charlie Copeland, Amy Copeland, Jennifer Altherr, Johnny Grabowski, Cindi Souers, Robin Mitchell, Tom Yoder, Luis DeVeyra, and Steve Souers for keeping our tours exciting and memorable for our members. Without the ride leaders’ dedication we would not have enjoyed the success we experienced this season.

There are so many members to thank at the conclusion of a successful touring season. It takes many volunteers to make things work well. One member in particular that I wish to recognize is our president, Patrick Stelte. Patrick has been club president longer than any of his predecessors. He is active in every aspect of the club, ensuring every detail is addressed. The club has grown in many ways as a result of Patrick’s dedication to 3RVS. When I had to stop riding five weeks ago, Patrick stepped up to take my place leading the A group during the weekend tours. When I look at the photos that Luis takes during our rides, I see smiles of joy on many faces as members are riding, enjoying something we all have in common – the quest for freedom on a bike. These smiles are a direct result of Patrick’s hard work and dedication to bring us all together doing something we enjoy - riding together. Well done Patrick! Thank you for another great season.