Touring Report - March 2019

Written by Doug Wintin

doug wintin newThis is my first newsletter article as Touring Director of 3 Rivers Velo Sport. I can tell you that my admiration of Steve Pequignot has skyrocketed! Steve held this position for 10 years, his dedication was unwavering and the hours he put in were staggering. Steve has been very helpful in making this transition as straightforward as possible and I truly do appreciate it. Thanks, Steve!

So what can you expect from me as Touring Director? First and foremost I want to make the rides as safe as possible. I have been struck twice by cars and I never want that to happen to you! To that end I will be looking to schedule rides that: 1) avoid state roads and 2) roads that are known to have a high traffic count.

The roads are only part of the safety equation. All of us, as riders, play a major role in keeping the group safe. Follow the rules of 3RVS regarding the use of aero bars (exceptions can be made for medical reasons). Also please use the same guidelines regarding lying on top of drop bars. As a group, we will also be obeying traffic laws in developed areas and at all blind corners. Use your best judgement and remember that if you are on the front those behind will likely follow whatever you do. Make sure that it is just as safe for the last rider in the group as the first. Riders toward the back of the group should never enter an intersection if they do not feel safe. Do let those around you know your intentions. Lastly, a good rule of thumb is to assume that cars will not see you!

For the coming riding season we are going to divide the city into quadrants: North, South, East and West. Weekend rides will go in rotation around the county. The first weekend will be Saturday-North and Sunday-South. The following weekend will be Saturday-East and Sunday-West. This will continue for the rest of the season. If there is a charity ride or we have a weather cancelation we will make adjustments to the schedule. The goal is to have everyone riding close to home an equal number of times.

I am looking for some new ride start points around the county. I am doing this because we live in the largest county in Indiana and the drive times to the start points can feel excessive. My hope is to be able to shorten drive times to the weekend tours and in so doing increase club members attending. Criteria for the new sites include being easy to access and being able to leave the parking lot onto a county road. I have found two potential sites and will be contacting the owners. Both of the sites have direct access to county roads and are very close to I-469 (one site is only one tenth of a mile from the interstate!) If you know of any locations that meet the criteria, drop me a line or talk to me at a ride.

I would also like to know if there are any rides that the membership would like to see resurrected from the files of 3RVS. I know that I like the ride we used to take out to North Manchester. Are there any that you would like to see back in the rotation? Send me an e-mail and let’s see what can be done.

Keep hitting the trainer. Spring is right around the corner.