Touring Report - June 2019

Written by Doug Wintin

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The Times They Are a Changin’, But Just A Little (Apologies to Bob Dylan)

So here we are in the prime of the riding season. The weather is getting warmer and the sun is going down at a much more reasonable time. The weekend 3RVS rides are starting earlier and leave plenty of time for all of the “honey-do” lists that have been put off for far too long. Good changes to be sure!

But there are a few more changes this month that I hope everyone will like. On the 9thof June we will be rolling out a new start location. The club ride will be leaving from Lafayette Meadows Elementary (LME). LME is located on Ernst Road just west of Homestead. The address is 11420 Ernst Rd., Roanoke,IN. Before you get upset, the school does have a Roanoke mailing address but it is miles from Roanoke. According to Google, LME is a 23 minute drive from Parkview Regional, 25 minutes from New Haven High School, 18 minutes from Foster Park and the IHOP on SR3 takes 16 minutes. The longest drive is from the Miejer on Maysville which takes 27 minutes.

A big plus for some riders who are not fans of hills is that you will not have the ups and downs of Aboite Center nor will you have to climb the Aboite Road hill/mountain (a point of view thing). That is not to say that there will not be hills, there will be but I have tried very hard to choose the roads in the area that are more flat than hilly. Let’s try some truth in advertising:

  • Long Route North Manchester:64.3 miles· Climbing +1,703 ft / Descending -1,702 ft=26.5’ of climbing per mile
  • Medium Route Huntington:35.1 miles · Climbing +929 ft / Descending -927 ft = 26.5’of climbing per mile
  • Short Route Roanoke:21.8 miles · Climbing +761 ft / Descending-759 ft = 34.8’ of climbing per mile.

I hope that you will come out and try the new location and route. The long ride will be reward-ed with a trip over an active covered bridge as they cross the river into North Manchester. The medium route will have the pleasure of descending the Unknown Hill (and the best part is that you do not have to climb a hill to get to the top of the Unknown!) If you select the short route you get to have the bragging rights for climbing more feet per mile than both of the other routes!

HELP! I NEED SOMEBODY. NOT JUST ANYBODY (Apologies to Lennon and McCarthy)

A Change To Help the Ride Leaders and Co-LeadersSteve P. set-up the A, B, C, and D touring categories and I think that it is a great way for every-one to get a ride that matches their pace. I have noticed that some of the groups struggle to find a leader for every ride each month. I think that it is understandable. We are asking the Leader and the Co-Leader to commit to one or the other to be at all of the weekend rides. I know how that would fly around my house.

This month I tried something a little different with the C group. I asked several people if they would be a ride leader for the C group. If 4 people would commit to be ride leaders they would only have to lead 2 rides per month. Knowing that there would be conflicts with multiple peo-ple going to out of town events my feeling is that we should try to have 6 ride leaders per group. To simplify the process we will be utilizing Sign Up Genius for each group. Mona Will found the software and suggested that we try it. I mentioned the software during the last monthly meeting and Dave McComb noted that he had been using it and it worked great. This software is free at the level we will be using. I gave it a try with the June ride schedule for the C group. It seemed to work very well and we ended up with C group rides for all of the weekend rides except three. That was a nice improvement over the May schedule. Unfortunately I only had two Group Leaders for the C’s.

I am confident that this plan will work if enough club members will volunteer to lead two rides per month. Are you ready to step up? Please send me an email with your name, your group and if you have been a ride leader in the past. I look forward to hearing from you!

Ride Safe!