Touring Farewell - January 2019

Written by Steve Pequinot

After enjoying the tours of my life over the past ten seasons as your touring director it is now time for me to ride in a different direction. I have been so fortunate to learn the many aspects of group touring from many of you over the years. In addition to adding to a healthy lifestyle, cycling has blessed me with many friends. I have participated in many types of sports during my life. Cycling has become the sport that provided me with the highest level of camaraderie. I feel my cycling friends are friends for life, people I can count on in times of need for about any issue in life. I leave the office feeling I have added a little something positive to the club and its touring members.

Based on members’ input we included multiple pace groups on the weekend and holiday tours, increased the number of weeknight rides, created the September Touring Challenge, Team 3RVS won two National Championships in the National Bike Challenge, and we added the Labor Day Weekend Triple Century to our touring schedule. None of these events would have been successful without the experience and dedication of the many ride leaders and volunteers who spent countless hours and miles organizing tours. To those ride leaders and volunteers, I solute you.

I had the honor to serve under two presidents, Dave Lehman for two years and Patrick Stelte for the last eight years. Both presidents provided me with direction over the years and supported my goals for touring events. I wish to thank my predecessor Corky Miller, who recommended that I succeed him. I’m not sure what he saw in me for this position. I hope I met his expectations.

Additionally, I thank the Newsletter Editors I served with, Kim Dwyer, Lynette Mankey, Kathy Boling, Mike Heyes and Scott Tomsits. These officers worked tirelessly printing my touring articles, getting the word out, keeping our members up to date on current touring events.

Also a special thank you to Mike Heyes, who has served as Webmaster longer than I have been in the club. Mike has posted all of my touring articles on the website, posted all of our touring events, and posted all of the club’s weekend touring maps online. The online map feature saved the club considerable paper and ink funds over the years. There have been times I had to contact Mike about a map detour just prior to a ride. Mike always went the extra mile to get the updates online in time so members could have the latest map version.

Moving forward, I am please to let you know you will be left in good hands. Doug Wintin was elected as your new touring director at the January club meeting. Doug is highly experienced in group touring. He is an accomplished racer and well respected in the cycling community. Doug may change a few things this season and if he does I am sure they will be beneficial to our touring members. When our 51st season opens in a few months I ask that you offer Doug your support as you did for me. Doug is the man that will lead us down the road into the future.

Finally, I would like to thank each member of 3RVS for the support that you have offered to me over the past ten years. This job has been the most rewarding position I have ever held. It kept me out of the retirement chair and on the road with my friends. Thank you for that priceless gift. Until we ride together again.

Yours truly,
Steve Pequignot