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Get ready for the first official 3RVS group ride Saturday, April 11

That’s right! Three Rivers Velo Sport is hosting a virtual 40-mile group tour on Zwift this Saturday, April 11, start time is 10:00 AM sharp. This event was created as a result of members’ requests during the April conference call club meeting, which after discussion was approved by the officers. Scott Tomsits and I have worked with Touring Director Shane Powell to develop an indoor group ride featuring four pace groups, A,B,C and D. The pace for each group will be the same speed that we are use to on our outdoor group rides. The good news here is that you will find your average speed for the ride will be faster than in real life because on Zwift there are no cars, stop signs or traffic lights to slow us down.

We scheduled the ride in the morning in case the weather is nice you can also do an outdoor solo ride later in the day if you wish.

The ride will be 40 miles on Watopta’s Tempus Fugit route. This route is perfect for this type of tour. Based on the group we may offer an after party ride as well. As the different pace groups separate you will be able to see the other groups going the opposite direction on the out and back turnaround loops. You will be able to make a U turn to join another group on the road if you like. If you need a restroom break you can stop before one of the two turnarounds, take your break and wait for your group after they ride the loop and rejoin them by making a U turn. The same feature will permit dropped riders the opportunity to get back on the group by making a U turn when their group is riding toward them after completing a turnaround loop. All groups will start together and separate as the pace dictates. If riders cannot hang with a group that is too fast they can drop back to the next group.

The ride will be setup using Zwift’s Meet Up format. We will NOT be using the Keep Everyone Together option so the different pace groups can separate. 

Based on who attends, we are hopeful that several pace groups form allowing riders to choose a group to join.

You do not have to be a 3RVS member to join the ride; however, you do have to register to receive an invitation. To participate in this ride, you must: 1. Have an active Zwift account; 2. Follow Steve Pequignot and Scott Tomsits on Zwift; 3. Post in a comment in this thread “Join 4/11 Ride,” or send a personal message to Steve Pequignot on Facebook. Once we receive your Join 4/11 Ride comment you will receive a confirmation below your comment or personal message on Facebook. Then on Friday, April 10, you will receive your invitation to join the ride.

IMPORTANT - Please note, in the Zwift Meet Up Rides there is only a short 5-minute window to join the ride so don’t be late. There is no Late Join option in the Meet Up Ride format so make sure your Zwift screen is up and running well ahead of time so you don’t miss seeing the blue Join button in the lower left corner of the screen that will only be displayed between 9:55 and 10:00 AM. Click on the blue Join button to join the ride. Finally, if you have not been on Zwift within that past few days you will have to update the Zwift software. Based on your Internet speed this can take a few seconds to many minutes, so make sure you have your system ready well before the start of the ride. We look forward to riding with you in Watopia’s desert. o7o

end of year party

Three Rivers Velo Sport Annual Party
Saturday, January 4, 2020
6:00 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Parkview Mirro Center (Grand Hall North)
10622 Parkview Plaza Dr.

Come celebrate the annual 3RVS holiday party.  Eat, socialize and be entertained by the evening’s festivities.  Rub elbows with friends, share stories and get to know new people.

A “Little Italy” dinner will be catered by the Mirro Center culinary staff.  If you are attending, please RSVP to ;  The deadline for a head count is Sunday, December 22nd so we can order the proper amount of food, tables and desserts.  If you have special dietary needs or want a vegetarian meal, please include the details with your RSVP.  The Mirro Center has a strict policy of no food brought in or taken out.  This means dessert will be provided by the Mirro Center.  There will be two options:  Chicago cheesecake tart, fruit gastrique or triple chocolate tart, dark chocolate mousse.  Please include your dessert choice in your RSVP.

The event is free to all club members with the opportunity to renew your membership for 2020.  Guests are welcome with a $10 fee.  Once again, awards will be presented for a variety of member accomplishments with a couple of surprises added.  The keynote speaker will be Jim Schroeder, a board member of Bike Indiana.   He will talk about his past association with 3RVS and current endeavors’ with adventure cycling.  Doors will open at 6pm with dinner served at 6:30pm.  Jim will give his presentation at 7:30pm and the awards ceremony will begin at 8pm.  

RSVP names and the number of people to attend along with any special dietary needs and dessert choice:


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The 2019 Three Rivers Festival Tour is complete!

By all measures, the tour was a great success. Thank you to all of the riders who joined us for the 48th edition of the Three Rivers Festival Tour.

Here are some of the comments from the riders:

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Back By Popular Demand - Indianapolis Monon and Culture Trail Destination Ride

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