3RVS CARES - Reboot 2018

Written by Mona Will – May 2018

Back in 2001 3RVS's Mike Heyes had a vision to create a grassroots advocacy network for 3RVS. It was named 3RVS CARES, thanks to the creative thinking of Kathi Heyes. 3RVS CARES was an acronym for Three Rivers Velo Sport Cyclists Advocating RESponsibility. A website was then created and developed by Mike specifically for this cause. Jim Schroder, an active member of the club volunteered to be the face for the advocacy section on the website. Together he and Mike worked together to “share news & ideas, confront, and mobilize in the cause for safe bicycling.” Jim hoped that the cycling future would be so bright that he would have to wear “shades”.


Fast forward to 2018; we are a strong and diverse club both in membership and in spirit. We are often seen in small groups riding at out of town rides or races wearing our yellow and black (bumblebee) jerseys and often referred to as “a very friendly group.” We can rally 50 or more people to purchase movie tickets so that a cycling movie will be shown in our city. We have volunteer ride leaders that have led rides for over 5 years in one stretch. Some of our members volunteer year after year to help with the Festival Tour,the Jersey Ride or the Chilly Challenge. We commute to work and/or school. We are
parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents, young or young at heart. We are the oldest and largest bike club in Northeast Indiana. In other words, we are loud, proud, and we make things happen.

In a 2002 newsletter, Steve Souers the 3RVS President at the time said, “What do you do to improve your cycling? I am not asking about the miles you ride for training or about the new gadgets you bought for your bike. My question asks about what you do for the cycling community.” To that I would add, try to imagine what riding would be like without the extensive city trails we have now, the manicured trails at Franke, Morsches Park, and Winona Lake, the designated bike lanes in our downtowns, vehicles buzzing us because there is no 3- foot passing law, or having no cycling voice in city planning. Advocating is a way to pay forward to those that have been and are growing the cycling community. Because of them each of us have a pleasant experience every time we hopon our bikes and go for a spin. I strongly believe it’s time for a 3RVS CARES reboot!Therefore, my goal each month is to bring to the club’s newsletter and website a featured event, organization, or even a person that embodies the club’s mission statement and CARES.

I invite each of you to send me information and/or feedback that I can include in the up-coming months. Feel free to email me at mvwillartist@yahoo.com.
P.S. I would like to thank Mike Heyes for his contribution to this article. Without the archiving he has so well maintained some of our club history would be lost forever.