From the Membership Desk - November 2018

Written by Amy Copeland - Membership Director

I’d like to reach out with a huge shout out of thanks to all of our 2018 members. Although I may not get a chance to ride with all of you the things you do out in our cycling community are appreciated. Sometimes it can be as little as riding in a safe and predicable manner among traffic or helping a new rider out of their training wheels opening up a lifetime of fun. We all may play a different roll but it’s the love of bicycling that brings us together.

As the weather starts to turn cooler I start thinking ahead to next year and what exciting new things we will do as a club and how exciting it will be to share these things with our cycling family. When we are not actively cycling with the club it is easy to forget that our annual memberships expire December 31st.

 So many members have made the life of a Membership Director easy and drop off renewals at the end of season/holiday party in December and never have to worry about a lapse in their membership. This seasons party will be delayed until January so I am putting the call out early for renewals. I will certainly take them again at the party in January but encourage everyone to consider completing their application before it expires December 31st so you can still get you bike shop discounts when you do spend your Christmas money and gift cards and so your covered under supplemental insurance on those Show N’ Goes, City Tours, and Chilly Challenge rides with the club.

Dues for 2019 will still be $20 individual and $30 family. You may renew online or by mailing in the registration form. Both may be accessed through the page. If your going to see me out and about on a ride please feel free to save some postage and just give it to me directly, my tires I’m on will get a little wider, but I’ll still be out there!