The 2015 Three Rivers Velo Sport September Touring Challenge Powered by Strava

wirtten by Steve Pequinot
How many kilometers can you ride in September? Keep in mind that One mile equals 1.609 kilometers so the numbers will add up fast in this challenge. Our Three Rivers Velo Sport, Touring Division site on the popular training site Strava is already in place. Membership to Strava is free. Awards will be presented at our annual holiday party to club members who join this club challenge and log their cycling distance on Strava. Awards will be presented to 3RVS members who bicycle 500, 750, 1000, 1610 kilometers during September 2015.

No manual entries will be accepted unless your recording device fails during your ride, in which case you may enter your lost miles as manual entry along with the portion of the ride that was recorded offering an explanation for the lost distance in the description box. Your distance for any bicycling event, either a club tour, race, or riding by yourself will be accepted as long as the ride is uploaded to Strava via any GPS smart phone Strava app, Garmin device, or compatible equipment. Stationary trainer miles are not acceptable for this challenge. All riding events for September must be uploaded to Strava by 11:59 PM., September 30, 2015 to be recognized for this challenge.

To join the 3RVS September Touring Challenge go to and sign up. If you were a 3RVS member last year and joined the 3RVS September Touring Challenge in 2014 you are already signed up for this year’s challenge provided you are still a 3RVS member. Non-3RVS members may not participate in this challenge and will be removed from the group page on September 1, 2015. Non-members may join 3RVS then sign up for the challenge. Only kilometers ridden after joining 3RVS will be counted in the challenge. Special awards will be present to the top 3 finishers. 
Once the challenge begins daily kilometer updates will be posted at:

Please do not confuse this Strava group “Three Rivers Velo Sport, Touring Division” with our club’s official Strava page with the similar name “3 Rivers Velo Sport.”

Distances recorded on the later site will not be accepted in this challenge. If you do not have a Strava account, you may signup for a free account at Once you are a Strava member and a 3RVS member you can go to to join the challenge. 

Recording Kilometer distances must be posted on your Strava page at a minimum of at least once per week every Sunday at 11:59 PM. except for the last four days of September. The last four days distances must be recorded no later than Wednesday, 11:59 PM., September 30, 2015. Questions may be directed via email to: