The Season Finally Kicks Off! ShanePowell

Written by Shane Powell

Okay folks, it’s the time we’ve all been waiting for! The official Season kickoff for 2020! As we venture back out onto the roads for our Club Tours. We do still need to exercise some commonsense guidelines. Many of us are still social distancing, due to loved ones, or ourselves being in the “at risk” category. I fully support, and respect those decisions, and wish for your families health, and safety to continue. Please respect other riders wishes if they choose not to draft in tight formation. Do not crowd them, or try to fill in a gap that they are leaving intentionally. If you, or anyone in your household has displayed symptoms of COVID-19, or if you have knowingly been exposed to some-one. Please do not attend our rides. It is the goal of 3RVS to provide rides that are as safe as possible.

Some other things to consider, that should be followed even when there is no pandemic: If your nose is stuffed up, do NOT blow a snot rocket in the pace line! Fall to the back, and do what you need to away from others. This also applies to spitting, coughing up bugs, sneezing, and every other expulsion of bodily fluids. No one wants to take your shower even in the best of times. If you’re hot, and want to spray your water bottle over your head, again fall to the back away from other riders. I shouldn’t have to remind everyone to practice good hygiene, we’ve heard enough about that on the news.

Finally, let’s all have fun! Respect the wishes of your fellow riders. We are all in different stages of what we are comfortable with, and what we are not. I can’t wait to see you all on the road!