Seasonal Goodbyes...ShanePowell

Written by Shane Powell

October has got to be my least favorite month. By the time this newsletter comes out, most of our weeknight rides will have concluded for the year. Our weekend rides will be hit or miss depending upon the temperatures, and the dust will be blown off of the indoor trainers. I consider this the first month of the Post Season. We still have some rides on the schedule. But the feeling of inevitability is hanging in the air, like the ever graying skies of Autumn.  

On the Bright side, we do still have our Jersey Ride this month, weekend tours, and I will be posting a Fall foliage greenway ride when the colors of Autumn are nearing their peak. There is even a rumor that there may be hot cider available at the conclusion of the ride at Johnny Appleseed Park. Watch the website, and Facebook for the posting! 

Like the rest of you, I do have my projects for the cold weather months. I plan to explore some new route options, and a new SW start location. I’m working to make some changes to our riding guidelines, and make our weekend rides more welcoming to newcomers. I want to challenge each of you to send me your ideas for rides, and events that could bring more cyclists in to join our groups. 

 I have also reached out to Kymberly Byers regarding the possibility of conducting a clinic on loaded touring, and bike-packing. For those of you who don’t know Kymberly, started riding just a few years ago. In those few short years, she has become quite possibly our most accomplished long-distance touring cyclist. She has participated in various randonneuring events, attempted the Trans AM race across America, as well as multiple extended cycling excursions. The most notable being this year.  While we were on lock down for COVID-19, Kymberly found herself off of work, and out on her bike.  She spent most of the Spring, and Summer exploring the United States with only her bike, and packs. If this type of cycling sounds like something you would like to pursue. Contact me via email or Messenger. If there is enough interest, I will work with Kymberly to set a time, and date. 

Finally, I would like to thank all of the volunteers who helped me fumble through what has got to be the most unique first year a Touring Director could have. Until this year, I never fully appreciated just how much behind the scenes work goes into trying to create a safe, fun, and successful cycling season.  I constantly grateful for the time and dedication many of you have invested into 3RVS. If any of our other members would like to be more involved with the Club. You don’t need to be the strongest, or fastest cyclist. Some of our most valuable volunteers aren’t cyclists at all. All you need is an idea, and or a willingness to help. I will be looking to recruit ride leaders for next season very soon. If you have an idea for a ride you would like to lead, send me a message. I am in dire need of slower paced leaders, C pace and below. I would love to be able to offer a Greenway ride to less experienced riders. If you are interested in becoming a 3RVS volunteer, please contact me with your idea of how you would like to help.