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April 2018 club meeting minutes
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April 5, 2018

1. Call to Order
Meeting called to order 7:30PM by Patrick. Officers present included Scott Tomsits, Steve Pequignot, Mona Will, Hugh Smith, Randy Rozewicz and John Grabowski - absent:  Dave McComb, Amy Copeland and Mike Heyes. Introductions and welcome extended to all in attendance including Jack Campbell, Kent Ellis, Phil Snider, Jennifer Smith, Shane Powell, Pamela Fennell, Angie Quinn, Jade Kelsey, and new members David Dwight and Rob Brower.

2. Passage of Minutes
Passage of March meeting minutes.

3. Election of Publicity Officer
Available publicity officer position following Mona Will’s resignation was posted in last month’s newsletter per club constitution guidelines. Pamela Fennell was the only club member to express interest and was appointed to the position. All meeting attendees voted in favor.

4. Trek the Trails Sponsorship Presentation - Angie Quinn
Over the last several years, 3RVS has donated to Trek the Trails to support this community cycling organization.  Angie rides Trek the Trails and also rides with 3RVS. Last year she led others in riding an extra Trek the Trails lap. She requested support again this year, with hopes that some would progress to riding in other 3RVS activities.  Motion was passed at sponsorship level of $750.

5. Cyclofemme Request - Jade Kelsey
3rd annual Cyclofemme ride by Bicycle Friendly Fort Wayne to be held Mother’s Day May 13 at Rock Hill Park at 2pm. The ride is free and open to general public, and promotes increasing female cycling ridership.  Jade and co-sponsor Mona Will requested Ride Ambassadors, water jugs, route assistance and $100 sponsorship.  Motion was passed with agreement that 3RVS will be promoted and 3RVS donation jar will be present at the event.

6. Officer Reports
Johnny Grabowski, Secretary
March minutes passed early in the meeting.

Patrick Stelte, President’s Report
Patrick was informed that the 3RVS storage locker at All-State Storage had minor water damage. At the time of the meeting - he was in the process of getting that taken care of.  Post meeting update:  The storage locker has been inspected and repaired. No material damage was observed.

Hugh Smith, Treasurer
Balance as of March 28th:  Revenues included memberships, clothing and race sponsorships; Expenditure included Bike League annual dues. 

Steve Pequignot, Touring
2018 Touring Season kickoff on Sunday April 8 at Woodlan High School at 11:45am

Mona Will, Publicity
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette article including Jade Kelsey and Patrick Stelte about transportation infrastructure regarding cycling.

Randy Rozewicz, Off-Road
 - NITRO was dissolved March 31st following IMBA business plan changes that required a large monetary fee for membership.  Randy requested that 3RVS become the institutional entity over-seeing off-road interests in the area.  Motion to re-establish 3RVS relationship with Parks Department to maintain Franke trails was passed.
- Off-road ride season starts April 9th (weather permitting)
- Rides & Ride Leaders: Franke Park Mondays & Wednesdays @ 6:30pm (Randy, Rich Swihart, Diana DeCarranza, Martin DeCarranza and Phil Snider ride leaders); Destination Rides:  Brown County, Winona Lake, Mourches Park, Fort Custer, The Dump (ride leaders Amy Copeland, Jennifer Smith and Deb Watts)
- Urban Exploring:  Thursdays at 6pm (ride leaders Phil Snider, Rich Swihart, Randy Rozewicz, Brad Smith and Amy Copeland)
- Off-Road awards to be presented at annual club party include:  most miles, most flat tires with picture and bent wheel spirit award
- Trail maintenance will be the second Saturday of each month from 9am to 11am

Amy Copeland, Membership (not present) report submitted
Total 224, Family 112 / Individual 112

Scott Tomsits, Newsletter
March and April Newsletters sent out at beginning of each month

Dave McComb, Racing (not present) report submitted
- New race team members:  Earl Ealey, Shane Powell and Kyle Zelt
- Race Sponsorships: Beckman Lawson Lawyers and Alliance Property Management
- 2018 race kit is being finalized with orders to follow from Champion Systems
- Tuesday Night World Championships start April 17th
- 3RVS Time Trial series dates to be announced
- MTB Time Trial series dates to be announced

Mike Heyes, Webmaster (not present) report submitted
- Complaint of spam e-mails to club officers.  Mike added CAPTCHA for manual text box entry and this cleared up spam
- Joomla update to website:  version 3.8.6
- Online membership delivery problem was fixed by changing website e-mail server client
- Touring and President’s Reports updated to website

7. Additional Items of Interest
* Festival Tour Update
- Kent and Anne Ellis will help Phil Snider with routes
- There will be no t-shirts sold this year, but next year an on-site designer/printer t-shirt is being researched
- Hickory M.S. and Churubusco parking pavilion is reserved.  The Busco SAG will be at the new pavilion
- The Festival Tour secured official status as an event of the Three Rivers Festival

* Preliminary research on potential acquisition of new Timing System
- Scott Tomsits is researching a cost effective timing device for club purchase to be used at club race events.  This will include some form of chip and attached device per rider.

8. Good of the Order

9. Adjournment
Meeting adjourned. 9:00 pm

Minutes by Secretary Johnny Grabowski
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