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May 2018 club meeting minutes
« on: May 30, 2018, 09:14:06 PM »
May 3, 2018

1. Call to Order
Meeting called to order 7:30PM by Patrick. Officers present included Hugh Smith, Steve Pequignot, Dave McComb, Pamela Fennell, Amy Copeland, Scott Tomsits, John Grabowski and Patrick Stelte. Not present was Randy Rozewicz. Introductions and welcome extended to all in attendance including Jennifer Smith, Shane Powell, Phil Snider and Doug Wintin

2. Passage of Minutes
Passage of April meeting minutes.

3. Final Vote for Constitution By-Law Amendment 1.7 for Intellectual Property
By-Law language re-read by Patrick and, following open discussion, motion to add to club constitution passed by vote.

4. Jammin’ in Roanoke Presentation by Doug Wintin
3RVS supported last year’s inaugural Jammin’ in Roanoke ride held by Spokesmen Cycling. This year the ride will take place in August (date to be determined) with after ride meal provide by Joseph Decius Farm. The organizers requested that 3RVS make it an official club ride and promote via the 3RVS website and Facebook page. The topic was discussed and passed by vote.

5. Officer Reports
Johnny Grabowski, Secretary
April minutes passed early in the meeting.

Patrick Stelte, President
Patrick spoke to Fire Police City County Federal Credit Union regarding their Kidstravaganza event, where they were hoping to get assistance from 3RVS members to fit 300 kid helmets to be given away on the day of the event - Saturday, June 23rd from 9am to noon.

Hugh Smith, Treasurer
Revenues included memberships, and clothing.  Expenditures included: Fort Wayne Trails annual sponsorship, Cyclofemme sponsorship, clothing, and Festival Tour expenses.

Steve Pequignot, Touring
- RMHC Charity Ride was a success with 250 riders and no SAG services rendered.
- May Weekend Tours will have starting time of 11am.
- Fort 4 Fitness Ride to take place May 19 (official club ride that day)

Dave McComb, Racing
- MTB Time Trials have been approved by the Parks Dept.  First TT on May 8th
- Race Schedule continues to grow, with MTB Time Trial, Baer Field Time Trial, and Road Time Trials.  All race information on 3RVS website

Randy Rozewicz, Off-Road (not present)
- Franke Rides Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30pm
- Franke Trail maintenance 2nd Saturday of the month from 9am to 11am
- Urban Rides every Thursday at 6pm
- Randy conducted off-road skills class with the Fort Wayne Police Dept. on April 26th

Publicity, Pamela Fennell
- May 10 Ladies Night at Summit City. Pamela requested two 3RVS memberships as door prizes.  Members’ present voted approval
- May 11th:  Visit Fort Wayne Open House

Amy Copeland, Membership
Total Memberships 258, comprised of 128 Family and 130 Individual memberships

Scott Tomsits, Newsletter
May Newsletter was sent out on the 3rd with a wealth of articles this time around

Mike Heyes, Webmaster
- Updated Mona’s Monday and Wednesday ride schedule
- Added three race schedule pages
- Added Mona’s CARE advocacy article and added link to old CARES pages

6. Additional Items of Interest
- Festival Tour Update:  1) 1000 flyers provided as bag stuffers for F4F Spring CycleFest; 2) flyers also handed out at Ladies Night at Summit City and Visit Fort Wayne; 3) Patrick asked for a received approval to hire a SAG coordinator at Churubusco for $100.
- Club Brochures running low - to be updated and new batch printed (200).
- Preliminary research on potential acquisition of new Timing System. Scott Tomsits will continue research

8. Good of the Order

9. Adjournment
Meeting adjourned. 8:55 pm

Minutes by Secretary Johnny Grabowski