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June 2018 club meeting minutes
« on: June 15, 2018, 08:21:40 PM »
June 7, 2018

1. Call to Order
Meeting called to order 7:30PM by Patrick. Officers present included Patrick Stelte, Steve Pequignot, Dave McComb, Pamela Fennell, Amy Copeland Randy Rozewicz and Scott Tomsits. Not present was Hugh Smith and John Grabowski. Introductions and welcome extended to all in attendance including Jennifer Smith, Shane Powell, Phil Snider, Jack Campbell, Mona Will, Kent Ellis and Ted McComb.

2. Passage of Minutes
Passage of May meeting minutes.

3. Officer Reports
Johnny Grabowski, Secretary
May minutes passed early in the meeting.

Patrick Stelte, President’s Report
- Franke Park plaque:  Brad Smith recommended that the club replace the recognition plaque at Franke Park for Phil Snider.  The current plaque is deteriorating.  Brad will spec. out the cost of a new, more robust material for replacement
- Kidstravaganza:  A request to volunteer to help the fitting of bike helmets for kids on June 23rd between 9am and noon was accepted by Shane Powell.  Another person is needed.
- Allen County Fair, July 24th:  A request to make a presentation on bike safety by Fair organizers.  Patrick will contact available club members to volunteer.

Hugh Smith, Treasurer
No Report – due a last minute conflict, Hugh was unable to attend the meeting.

Steve Pequignot, Touring
- July weekend touring start time will be 9am
- New co-ride leaders announced:  Scott Tomsits for Thursday “A” Kreager Ride and Luis DeVeyra for weekend “C” and “D” pace
- Festival Tour brochure handed out and proofed for printing. 

Dave McComb, Racing
- Morches Park CX race in fall – date & time TBD
- Race Schedule continues with monthly MTB Time Trial, Baer Field Time Trial, and Road Time Trials.  All race information on 3RVS website
- Kaitlin Skidd announced as off-road race practice ride leader
- Possible loan of Adams County Bicycle Club timing system for use at 3RVS time trials
- Discussion of future tent space allocation at Fat & Skinny Tirefest at Winona Lake

Randy Rozewicz, Off-Road
- Franke Rides Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30pm
- Franke Trail maintenance 2nd Saturday of the month from 9am to 11am
- Urban Rides every Thursday at 6pm
- Updating Franke trail maps discussed
- Discussion of officer authority over Franke trail usage and ride leaders

Pamela Fennell, Publicity
- Angie Quinn of Trek the Trails requested to have schedule printed in newsletter and on website.  Request approved by officers and members in attendance.

Amy Copeland, Membership
Total Memberships:  271, comprised of 132 Family and 139 Individual memberships

Scott Tomsits, Newsletter
June Newsletter was sent out on the May 31st with a wealth of timely articles.

Mike Heyes, Webmaster
No Report

4. Additional Items of Interest
- Festival Tour Update:  1) Route adjustments and marking continue by Phil Snider; 2) Otto Boschet has been hired to run the SAG in Churubusco – 2 more volunteers needed; 3) 2019 Festival Tour Committee named with Kent and Anne Ellis, Patrick Stelte and Mona Will.  Two more are needed.
- Club Brochures:  Steve passed around brochure design for proof.  The updated brochure has a 50th anniversary theme.

5. Good of the Order

6. Adjournment
Meeting adjourned. 8:55 pm

Minutes by President Patrick Stelte

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