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September 2018 club meeting minutes
« on: September 20, 2018, 01:13:24 AM »
September 6, 2018

1. Call to Order
Meeting called to order 7:30 PM by Patrick. Officers present included Patrick Stelte, Johnny Grabowski, Steve Pequignot, Hugh Smith, Randy Rozewicz, Amy Copeland and Scott Tomsits. Introductions and welcome extended to all in attendance including Phil Snider, Jack Campbell, Kent and Anne Ellis, Charlie Copeland and Jennifer Altherr.

2. Passage of Minutes
Passage of March meeting minutes.

3. Officer Reports
Johnny Grabowski, Secretary
August minutes passed earlier in the meeting with change to racing report offered by Dave McComb.

Patrick Stelte, President
- 2019 Festival Tour committee update by Kent and Anne Ellis.

Hugh Smith, Treasurer
Revenues include memberships and clothing. Expenditures  included annual liability insurance and membership in Bike League.

Steve Pequignot, Touring
- Steve thanked Phil Snider and Deb Watts for organizing the Labor Day Century Tour.  Donations from the event totaled $148.  Phil took $45 from the donations to pay for painting Dan Henry’s on the course.  Deb was reimbursed for food purchase at $94.66.  Club members present voted to donate an additional $100 to the St. Joe Church of Christ, making a total of $203 in donations to the church.
- September weekend tours begin at 10am
- October weekend tours begin at 11am
- Triple Century Tour Stats:  Saturday - 26 riders; Sunday - 20 riders; Monday - 36 riders.  6 riders completed all three century tours:  Luis Devyra, Lisa Mabitt, Marty Smolinski, Steve Pequignot, Marg Geiger and Patrick Stelte
- September Touring Challenge update:  71 riders have logged miles through 9/5.

Dave McComb, Racing (Not present)
- Cyclocross agreement between Team Neighborlink and 3RVS to share weekly Franke Park practice night was negotiated between Dave, Patrick and Andrew Hoffman of Neighborlink.  Both organizations will share in the duties of hosting the events and share in the proceeds.

Randy Rozewicz, Off-Road
- Updated PDF map of Franke Trails for Franke Park MOU (Patrick forwarded doc. to Parks)
- Rainy August affected trials
- Trail equipment storage is now being stored in BMX old concession building
- Urban exploring rides continue on Thursdays
- Weekend of October 12-14th is Brown County Rally Camp

Publicity, Pamela Fennell (not present)

Amy Copeland, Membership
Total Memberships 298, comprised of 158 Family and 140 Individual memberships

Scott Tomsits, Newsletter
September Newsletter was sent out.  Scott requests articles 7 days before publish date.

Mike Heyes, Webmaster (not present)
Payment to Hosting Matters, Inc. for yearly (2019) cost of website

4. Additional Items of Interest
- Club brochure printing:  200-300 depending on bulk pricing. Steve P. will handle procurement.
- Club “Tech” shirt proposal:  A club member suggested a casual club member shirt to wear away from the bike.  A committee led by Jennifer Altherr will design and seek out a vendor.  The shirt will be offered by the club’s annual party in January.
-  Anne Ellis suggested the club promote CIBA membership and contribution to organization.

5. Good of the Order

6. Adjournment
Meeting adjourned. 8:50 pm

Minutes by President Patrick Stelte