neic mtb

Who: Youth pre-k through 12th grade for the 2021/2022 school year

(Must be able to ride a bike without training wheels)

Where: Morsches park, Franke park, Winona Lake Trails

When: June 29-Dec 3 Every Tuesday and Wednesday from 6-8PM

Base Price: $60 for first child  (Each Additional sibling is $30)

3RVS family membership $30 + $30.00 per student rider (this covers the students for the practices for the 2021 season)

Register through 3RVS website 

Register now PNG

Racing option: To race with the team in Michigan

6 professionally ran youth only mountain bike races.

Price: $50.00 annual registration

$15-$25 per race fee (price depends on category)

Register from MISCA website

Coaching and adult volunteers needed!

Who: Parents of student riders, local adult bike riders who want to help us grow this program.

Price: 3RVS family ($30), or individual ($20) membership

Volunteers must also register with MISCA ($30.00),

complete background check (price included in MISCA fee) and all required classes to reach level 1 or 2 status. for questions